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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hurston's landscape like?

The majority of Hurston's surface is wasteland, the result of a planet abused by industry. This was once rich savannah land but most of the native ecosystem has died off, leaving just a few bleak remnants of cacti and the hardiest of grasses, peppered with rocks and industrial debris.

How big is Hurston in the lore?

According to Chris Roberts, it has a diameter of 2000 km in-game, which equates to 12 000 km in the Lore. Hurston is home to its namesake, Hurston Dynamics, an aristocratic family-run weapons manufacturer that has bled the planet dry.

What is Hurston security?

Like all corporation-owned planets in the Stanton system, Hurston has its own jurisdiction and security in the form of Hurston Security . Hurston's diameter is similar to Earth (12 756 km).

What biome does Hurston share with its moon?

Acidic. Hurston shares this biome with its moon Arial. It occupies around 5% of the planet. This biome has emerged as the result of industry on a planet rich in somewhat volatile materials. The artists describe it as "the planet fighting back". Prota can be found here.

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