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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of the Hurston Moon?

This moon was named after Hurston Dynamics CEO Magda Hurston who made the decision to purchase Stanton I from the UEE. Magda is the mother of current CEO "Colonel" Gavin E. Hurston.

What biome does Hurston share with its moon?

Acidic. Hurston shares this biome with its moon Arial. It occupies around 5% of the planet. This biome has emerged as the result of industry on a planet rich in somewhat volatile materials. The artists describe it as "the planet fighting back". Prota can be found here.

What is Arial Hurston?

Arial is a moon of Hurston. This moon was named after the 3rd CEO of Hurston Dynamics, Arial Hurston, who was known for creating the controversial Life/Labor-style employee contract. Prota Harvestables can be found here.

What are the natural resources of Hurston?

Four natural satellites, Arial, Aberdeen, Magda, and Ita and the space station Everus Harbor orbit the planet. A wealth of ore and other resources are mined on Hurston to manufacture the company's line of munitions and weapons. Heavy industry has resulted in sever pollution across the planet.

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