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What is a narwhal and beluga hybrid?

The results were clear: The animal was a male, and a near 50-50 genetic mix of beluga and narwhal. This indicated that it was a first-generation hybrid. To find out which species was which parent, the researchers looked at the animals' mitochondrial DNA.

What is the scientific name of the narwhal?

The scientific name, Monodon monoceros, is derived from the Greek: "one-tooth one-horn". The narwhal is most closely related to the beluga whale. Together, these two species comprise the only extant members of the family Monodontidae, sometimes referred to as the "white whales".

Are these 10 weird hybrid animals you won't believe are 100% real?

10 Weird Hybrid Animals You Won’t Believe Are 100% Real 1. Pizzly/ Grolar Bear (Polar Bear + Grizzly) 2. Geep (Goat + Sheep) 3. Jaglion (Male Jaguar + Female Lion) 4. Leopon (Male Leopard + Female Lion) 5. Żubroń (Cow + European Bison) 6. Cama (Camel + Llama) 7. Tigon (Male Tiger + Female Lion) 8. Narluga (Narwhal + Beluga)

Is this the world's only beluga-narwhal skull?

In a new paper published today (June 20) in the journal Scientific Reports, researchers confirmed that the skull does indeed belong to the only known specimen of a hybrid beluga-narwhal. [ Real or Fake? 8 Bizarre Hybrid Animals]

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