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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hybrid art?

What is Hybrid Art? Hybrid art is a contemporary art movement that incorporates scientific and technological advancements into art. It is a hybrid of media art, artists integrating photography, film, radio, television, computers, and the internet into their artistic practices.

What is Hybrid Arts in sociology?

Hybrid arts. Hybrid arts is a contemporary art movement in which artists work with frontier areas of science and emerging technologies. Artists work with fields such as biology, robotics, physical sciences, experimental interface technologies (such as speech, gesture, face recognition ), artificial intelligence, and information visualization.

What is hyhybridity in art history?

Hybridity is a concept that is applicable to all forms of art through out history. As noted before it often involves the combination of two different things to make something new, so when we apply that to art history things make perfect sense.

What does hybrid mean for kids?

Kids Definition of hybrid. 1 : an animal or plant whose parents differ in some hereditary characteristic or belong to different groups (as breeds or species) 2 : something that is of mixed origin or composition The car is a hybrid that runs on gas or electricity.

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