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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy old hymnals?

Contact paper mills, paper companies, or publishing companies. Ask the recycling center if there is a charge. Cellulose insulation companies are a good source to contact for recycling the hymnals. If the community has curbside recycling, check their FAQ sheet to see if they accept books.

What is another word for hymnal?

Hymnal: a book of hymns. Synonyms: hymnary, hymnbook, psalmody... Find the right word.

Why do we sing the hymns?

Hymns' singing is for teaching and admonish. When we look at our hymn book, we hymn is related to the words of Christ. As we know, Bible teaches us how to be good measurement of our faith and our actions. Hence, when we sing hymns, we are actually walking on the correct path that God wants us to tread. Just like a sermon accompanying with music.

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