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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does hypokalemia cause tachycardia?

In regards to hypokalemia causing tachycardia, this is due to hypokalemia's affect on pacemaker (SA node) cells. Decreased conductance of potassium means a decreased delayed rectifier potassium current, which contributes to the repolarization of SA node cells.

How do you treat hyperkalemia?

Treatment may include: Low potassium diet consisting of consists of about 2,000 milligrams to 3,000 milligrams potassium per day Stopping or changing meds that are contributing to the hyperkalemia. Taking medicine to lower the potassium in your body Water pills (diuretics) to remove potassium via the urinary tract.

How to treat severe hyperkalemia?

Water pills (diuretics) remove potassium via the urinary tract. Other treatments depend on the cause of hyperkalemia. You take them by mouth to prevent hyperkalemia. Neither should be used in emergencies. If you have a dangerously high potassium level, you will get emergency care including IV medications.

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