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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes elevated calcium levels in dogs?

Causes of Elevated Calcium Levels in Dogs. Hyperparathyroidism, which means that the parathyroid glands secret a high amount of parathyroid hormones, leading to an increase in the calcium levels The presence of cancerous cells in the body.

When to treat hypocalcemia?

Hypocalcemia, commonly known as calcium deficiency disease, occurs when calcium levels in the blood are low. A long-term deficiency can lead to dental changes, cataracts, alterations in the brain, and osteoporosis, which causes the bones to become brittle.

What is hypocalcemia in dogs?

Hypocalcemia in dogs happens when calcium levels in the blood are abnormally low. When dogs have a calcium deficiency, they may suffer from a loss of muscle control, convulsions, or seizures. Thus, this is a serious medical condition that should be treated right away.

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