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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you treat hypokalemia?

In mild cases, treatment for hypokalemia usually involves taking potassium supplements by mouth. For those who suffer from hypokalemia because they need to take diuretic medication, a certain type of oral potassium supplement that keeps potassium in the body might be the best treatment option.

How to treat hypokalemia?

Approach Considerations. The treatment of hypokalemia has four facets, as follows: Medications. Usually, oral potassium chloride is administered when potassium levels need to be replenished, as well as, in patients with ongoing potassium loss (eg, those on thiazide diuretics), when it must be maintained.

Why does hypokalemia cause tachycardia?

In regards to hypokalemia causing tachycardia, this is due to hypokalemia's affect on pacemaker (SA node) cells. Decreased conductance of potassium means a decreased delayed rectifier potassium current, which contributes to the repolarization of SA node cells.

Does renal failure cause hypokalemia?

Acute Renal Failure due to Rhabdomyolysis Caused by Hypokalemia. This is an unusual cause of rhabdomyolysis even though hypokalemia is a common medical problem. This patient developed acute oliguric renal failure that required daily hemodialysis for 12 days, before start of recovery. This case demonstrates that hypokalemia is a preventable cause of rhabdomyolysis and ARF.

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