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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hypothesis tree?

Fixed costs, such as paying for a business permit or purchasing a table and display sign, typically have long purchasing periods, making them more difficult to reduce in the short-term. A hypothesis tree is a variant of an issue tree. Hypotheses are frequently used in case interviews in order to determine the direction of the case.

What is an issue tree?

Issue trees are at the heart of the problem-solving approach. What you refer to in your question are two distict types: diagnostic trees (what you call issue tree --> "problem-based") and solution trees (what you call hypothesis tree --> "solution-based"). Generally speaking, an issue tree is a graphical breakdown of your key question.

Can issue trees help solve case interview problems?

Seeing real examples of real people that know what they’re doing making Issue Trees to solve case interview problems is invaluable to get that experience. Which is why I will show you in-depth examples in the next chapter, including videos of me going through the thought process of building Issue Trees with you.

Are issue trees the only way to structure business problems?

Issue trees aren’t the only technique to structure business problems. Join our FREE 7-day course on case interviews to learn other techniques so you can structure any case, solve any problem and impress your interviewer! It’s nothing like the other content you see around – just fill your name and e-mail and I’ll send you the link to join.

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