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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ICT time?

ICT is the short form of Indochina Time, a very commonly referred to general time standard used at quite a large territory of Southeast and North Asia, as well as at a part of Russia. Indochina Time is 7 hours ahead of the UTC universal time.

What is the center time zone?

Central Time Zone in the United States The Central Time Zone, includes that part of the United States that is west of the boundary line between the eastern and central standard time zones (view) and east of the boundary line between the central and mountain standard time zones described (view).

What is the Standard Time Zone?

standard time n. The time in any of 24 time zones, usually the mean solar time at the central meridian of each zone. In the continental United States, there are four standard time zones: Eastern, using the 75th meridian; Central, using the 90th meridian; Mountain, using the 105th meridian; and Pacific, using the 120th meridian.

What is the Global Time Zone?

Global Time Zones. Time Zones are regions on Earth that use the same local time. Conventionally, people compute their local time as an offset from UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). UTC replaced GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) in 1972 as the time standard. UTC is a high precision atomic time standard, which measures time by the nanosecond.

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