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Frequently Asked Questions

How should one deal with hemolyzed or icteric specimens for a CBC?

How should one deal with a hemolyzed or icteric specimen for a CBC? A. Specimens with increas¬ed bilirubin (icteric specimens) do not generally interfere with the performance of a CBC. Elevated bilirubin levels may be associated with hemolysis, which does affect the CBC.

What CBC parameters are affected when the specimen is lipemic?

Q: What CBC parameters are affected when the specimen is lipemic? A: Lipemia in a blood specimen used for clinical evaluation can cause significant interference with obtaining accurate test values. Lipemia creates turbidity of a sample and is a result of the accumulation of lipid particles.

What does Icterus mean in blood work?

The number reported under icterus is an estimation of the total bilirubin concentration in mg/dL rounded to the nearest whole number. The icterus index can be used to determine if there is hyperbilirubinemia, i.e. if the total bilirubin is increased, the icteric index should closely match the value seen.

What is the CLSI c56-a guideline for Icterus?

A Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute guideline CLSI C56-A (Hemolysis, Icterus, and Lipemia/Turbidity Indices as Indicators of Interference in Clinical Laboratory Analysis) gives detailed instructions of this practise (42). An internal quality control has to be performed daily.

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