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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSF interpretation guide?

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Interpretation. This guide provides a structured approach to cerebrospinal fluid interpretation (CSF interpretation), including typical CSF results for specific disease processes. Reference ranges vary between labs, so always consult your local medical school or hospital guidelines.

What does a high red cell count in CSF mean?

The CSF typically shows a persistently raised red cell count (due to presence of blood in the CSF from the initial bleed). Within several hours, the red blood cells in the cerebrospinal fluid are destroyed, releasing their oxygen-carrying molecule heme, which is metabolized by enzymes to bilirubin, a yellow pigment.

What are the CSF results for fungal meningitis?

CSF results. This is fungal meningitis, in this particular case this lady is found to have cryptococcal meningitis on CSF culture. The patient is also found to have HIV, likely the cause of her impaired immune function (CD4 count 100/mm³), leaving her vulnerable to cryptococcal infection.

What are normal CSF levels in adults?

Normal CSF ranges (adults) Appearance: clear and colourless. White blood cells (WBC): 0 – 5 cells/µL; no neutrophils present, primarily lymphocytes; normal cell counts do not rule out meningitis or any other pathology; Red blood cells (RBC): 0 – 10/mm³. Protein: 0.15 – 0.45 g/L (or <1% of the serum protein concentration)

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