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Frequently Asked Questions

What is icterus in dogs?

Icterus is also known as jaundice or yellow jaundice. It is a condition in which excessive yellow pigment is noted in various types of tissue as well as in blood. Symptoms of Icterus in Dogs As noted above, the yellow pigment in the gums, eyes and ears of your pet may not be immediately apparent if your dog has darkly pigmented skin.

What is the prognosis of Icterus in dogs?

The prognosis is always guarded to grave in severe hemolytic anemia. Liver disease is the most common cause of icterus in the dog and cat, accounting for approximately 85% of nonhemolytic icterus, while extrahepatic bile duct obstruction accounts for only 15% of cases.

What is the meaning of Icterus?

Icterus. Icterus or hyperbilirubenemia is the presence of high levels of bilirubin. Icteric serum or plasma ranges in color from dark to bright yellow, rather than normal straw color.

What should I do if my dog has Icterus?

If icterus is discovered, remember that it is a symptom not the disease process. Your vet will need to determine the disease process behind the symptoms and this will require finding out which of the three classifications of jaundice (prehepatic, hepatic and posthepatic) into which your canine’s icterus falls.

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