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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ictus mean?

Definition of ictus : the recurring stress or beat in a rhythmic or metrical series of sounds First Known Use of ictus 1752, in the meaning defined above

Who wrote the song ictus?

"Ictus", a 1960s song composed by Carla Bley, American jazz composer ICTUS Records, independent record label for avant-garde jazz Ictus Ensemble, Belgian orchestra specialising contemporary classical music

What is the ictictus trial?

ICTUS trial was an international randomized multicentre placebo-controlled trial to confirm the results of pooled data in a large clinical trial available on the effect of Citicoline on the recovery of patients with moderate to severe acute ischaemic stroke at 3 months.

What is the prevalence of haematoma growth in patients with ictus?

About 30% of the patients exhibit haematoma growth in first six hours post ictus, which is evident from the high mortality documented in the first 24 hours in several studies. RADIOLOGICAL PREDICTORS OF MORTALITY IN PATIENTS WITH PRIMARY SPONTANEOUS INTRACEREBRAL HAEMORRHAGE [50.] Arboix A, Rubio F ?Que es el ictus?

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