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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between identification and authentication?

Identification vs Authentication. Identification is when someone identifies themselves. For example, entering your user id in a logon form is identification.Authentication is when a system or process verifies identification.

What is identidentification?

Identification is used to prove a person's identity. "Identity" refers to who someone is. "Identification" can either refer to the process of proving identity or the actual document itself, such as a passport, student card or driver's license, that is used as proof. For example, at the airport, you are asked to show your passport.

What happens during authentication process?

During Authentication process, the user provides some way of proving their identity to assert that the user is who they are claiming to be. The information provided by the user to authenticate is a secret known to the user only. Once authenticated, a trust established between user and system.

What does it mean to authenticate a user?

The user is asked to re-validate that they are the same person who registered for the service. In low-stakes services, authenticating may be as simple as having the user provide the password that is associated with a specific username, or entering in other specific login credentials.

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