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Frequently Asked Questions

What is identity authentication?

Identity Authentication. That’s where identity authentication management comes in. By using advanced tools and techniques, identity authentication companies are able to verify the identities of users at online retailers and web-based businesses like insurance companies, healthcare companies, and financial institutions, among others.

What is identification and authorization?

Authorization is what takes place after a person has been both identified and authenticated; it’s the step determines what a person can then do on the system. An example in people terms would be someone knocking on your door at night.

What is a NIST control?

NIST Control Systems Pty LTD specializes in the protection and control of electric AC motors and their driven systems, e.g. pumps, air-raters etc. Our first patented phase angle method-based controllers were released in the early 80's.

What is the definition of NIST?

Freebase(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: NIST. NIST is a method for evaluating the quality of text which has been translated using machine translation. Its name comes from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is based on the BLEU metric, but with some alterations.

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