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Frequently Asked Questions

What is information for growth (IFG)?

NCEA IFG (Information for Growth) offers tools designed to assess the effectiveness of school and parish religious education programs over time. Offering both a student and an adult survey, IFG allows for data-driven decisions regarding student catechesis and adult faith formation.2

Why choose ififg?

IFG sets the pace as an innovator and global leader in its collaboration with licensed growers and key partners all over the world to help make our vision a reality.

What is IFG Acre and adult survey?

IFG ACRE (Assessment of Child/Youth Religious Education) is a tool to help Catholic schools and parishes assess how well their religious education programs are forming committed Christian disciples. IFG Adult Survey is a tool designed to assess and identify on-going formation needs for adults.

Why choose IFG fruit?

The global IFG family works with an eye on today and tomorrow to continue to inspire the fruit world by breeding new, vibrant, and flavor packed varieties to bring special and unique fruit to the markets.

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