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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I assemble IKEA furniture?

Check out some quick IKEA assembly tips, after the jump. Purchase an electric screw driver with replaceable bits. Utilize a rubber mallet instead of a hammer. Independent and tally your pieces. Alter before you set up together. When building large furniture, you don't always know what direction the furniture will grow.

How to design kids bookshelves?

25 Simple DIY Kids Bookshelf Plans You Can Diy Easily Children's Wall Bookshelf. Hold the bedtime story books using a slim wall-side shelf in your kid's room. ... Open House Bookshelf. House-shaped bookshelf is sure to initiate an impression for your little kid to organize. ... Alphabetic Wall Shelf. ... Spacious Kids' Book Bin. ... Rustic Bookshelf Décor. ... Hanging Metal Basket. ... Floating Bookshelf on Wall. ... More items...

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