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Frequently Asked Questions

Is IKEA open for shopping?

All IKEA stores and restaurants are now open, and we would like to remind customers to keep to 5 pax in each group dining. As we are committed to ensure the well-being of our customers and co-workers, we will continue to take strict preventive measures to ensure that IKEA remains as a safe place to shop.

What are stores like IKEA?

Stores like IKEA. IKEA is an inexpensive home goods store — primarily featuring classic, modern furniture and home decor. ShopSleuth found 99 home goods stores similar to IKEA, out of our database of 45,744 total stores. The following stores offer the closest match to IKEA based on our proprietary matching algorithm.

Where is IKEA furniture manufactured?

Ikea is a company based in Sweden that makes affordable furniture and home decor items. They are mostly known for their modern and contemporary designs, but they sell traditi…onal styles of furniture as well.

What size are IKEA Beds?

They also do not vary in length but only in width. IKEA beds all have 79 inches of length. But the width varies, to give customers options for space and comfort. The different IKEA sizes are: 31” × 79”, 35” × 79”, 47” × 79”, 55” × 79”, and 63” × 79”.

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