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Frequently Asked Questions

How does inbox pays work?

Inbox Pays pays you cash for filling out paid offers and surveys. If you are interested in participating in paid offers and surveys, please be sure to read this brief page in its entirety. Does taking online paid surveys and offers for cash and incentives work?

What do you think about inbox dollars?

I always enjoy redeeming ny rewards from Inbox Dollars. I enjoy the surveys and other methods of gaining their rewards. I am very impressed with how fast I received my gift card through my email. This really helps with Christmas shopping for my children. I cash out with $10. It was very fast and easy. Highly reccommend inbox dollars.

Would You challenge yourself to fund Christmas using inbox dollars?

Love InboxDollars! Everything went well when I cashed out. The process is easy to do. Amazing! Amazing!! Very satisfied!! Christmas paid for in 2 months! I decided I would personally challenge myself to fund Christmas using inbox dollars.

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