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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an inbox rule?

Inbox rules process messages in the Inbox based on conditions and take actions such as moving a message to a specified folder or deleting a message. You must have adequate permissions on the mailbox to create an Inbox rule.

What is the get-inboxrule cmdlet used for?

Now there is a new and easier option: the Get-InboxRule cmdlet. With it you can get details regarding any rule a user has set up on their Outlook or OWA clients. Let’s look at an example. The following user has a rule called SCOM Alerts that moves any alerts from System Center Operations Manager to a specific folder.

How do I get the inboxrule for a specific mailbox?

First grab all mailboxes in the organisation and store the UserPrincipalName in a variable. Here we are storing it in a variable called “Users” Then for each user we are going to get the InboxRule and select several attributes: The entire list of attributes we can grab per mailbox is: Finally, export the information to a CSV.

How can I troubleshoot inbox rules for my users?

If you ever need to troubleshoot inbox rules for your users. You can export inbox rules manually to an RWZ file, using Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts > Options in Outlook. The upside is that these rules can be easily imported back into Outlook, should anything go wrong.

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