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Frequently Asked Questions

What does being included mean?

Includer means you always want to include everyone in the things you do, and you do not want to leave anyone out. You are an accepting person and you cast very few, if any, judgments on people. Being an Includer shows you are a compassionate person and do not want anyone to be left out.

What is another word for includes?

Another word for include. include. v. hold, admit, cover, embrace, involve, consist of, take in, entail, encompass, incorporate, constitute, accommodate, comprise, compose, be comprised of, be composed of, comprehend, embody, implicate, be made up of, number among, carry, bear; see also compose 1, comprise.

What is included in definition?

The definition of included is something that comes enclosed. An example of something included is a sample that goes with each online order. Included is defined as enclosed. An example of included is having put batteries into the box of a new electronic toy.

What does which include mean?

Include is defined as to contain, enclose or consider as part of a whole. An example of include is adding an email address to a party invitation for RSVPs. An example of include is to invite someone to join the group on a planned event. To contain or take in as a part, element, or member.

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