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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is inclusion so important?

Why inclusion is so important for safety. Diversity and inclusion improves safety by enabling input from different stakeholders. It creates engagement among a larger group of people: men and women, different ethnic groups, crafts people, joint-venture partners, trade workers and more. It allows people to speak up in terms of unsafe behavior.

Why you should care about diversity and inclusion?

Having this momentum present in the office also improves employees' well being and enhances how they feel toward the company overall. Attracting Talent: Diversity and inclusion programs build up their people from the inside out , and foster an environment that is more attractive for prospective employees .

How do you promote inclusion equality and diversity?

How to Promote Diversity and Inclusivity Review Your Policies. Review your policies and see if anything needs to change - it's the adults in your employ who are guided by these policies and who will influence ... Choose Diverse Books and Entertainment. Diverse books should not be considered a genre on your bookshelves. ... Celebrate All Festivals Equally. ... Include the Parents. ...

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