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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inclusion, why is it important?

So 'inclusion' or 'belonging' is a tremendously important measure of engagement, retention, innovation and customer service." Inclusion Creates a Sense of Belonging Accepting and embracing each employee's differences and individuality creates a sense of belonging.

What are examples of inclusion activities?

Give recognition for a job well done This is an easy one to implement across teams. ... Create inclusive company swag Your company gear should have options for all genders. ... Provide unconscious bias training We don't want to admit it, but we all have unconscious biases. ... More items...

What to know about inclusion?

Inclusion refers to a cultural and environmental feeling of belonging . It can be assessed as the extent to which employees are valued, respected, accepted and encouraged to fully participate in the organization.

Why is inclusion so important?

Why inclusion is so important for safety. Diversity and inclusion improves safety by enabling input from different stakeholders. It creates engagement among a larger group of people: men and women, different ethnic groups, crafts people, joint-venture partners, trade workers and more. It allows people to speak up in terms of unsafe behavior.

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