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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the Indian subcontinent in ancient times?

The Indian subcontinent in the ancient times comprised of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet and Myanmar. It was home to complex civilization and has been into existence for more than 5,000 years. The timeline of ancient India spans from 3300 to 500 BCE. The beginning of the Indus valley civilization can be dated back to 3000BC.

What are the different sub-divisions of India's early historic period?

Following are the different sub-divisions of India's early historic period: Vedic period: Lasting from around 1500 BC to 500 BC, this historical period gained its name from the sacred text of Hindus, the Vedas. Vedic Civilization marked the foundation of Hindu religion and its association with Indian culture.

What is the ancient period of Indian history?

Period of Indian history can be marked as the ancient period. The history of the country of India can be traced from the human activities of the age dating back to the past 75, 000 years. Some remains of the extinct species of Homo Erectus dates back to the past 5, 00, 000 years though.

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