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Frequently Asked Questions

What are tax brackets for individuals?

Taxpayers fall into one of seven brackets, depending on their taxable income: 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35% or 39.6%.

What is synonym for individuals?

Synonyms for Individual: adj. •all (adjective) single. n. v. •separate (verb) original, alone, public, select, reserved, own, distinctive, secluded, proper, especial, indivisible. Other synonyms: • respectively, self, personage, severally, one-off, individually, detailed, sample, alone, one-woman, psychology, depersonalize, own, humankind.

What is the synonym for individual?

Synonyms for Individuality: n. • dissimilarity, diversity, rarity, distinctiveness, eccentricity, contrast, oddity, distinction, originality, variation, separateness, collision, contradiction, uniqueness, singularity, divergence, variety. Other synonyms: • Selfhood, person, discreteness, ego, separateness, distinctiveness. • soul.

What is synonym for individual rights?

Synonym of Individual rights. Group rights, also known as collective rights, are rights held by a group qua group rather than by its members severally; in contrast, individual rights are rights held by individual people; even if they are group-differentiated, which most rights are, they remain individual rights if the right-holders are...

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