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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name informatics mean?

informatics(Noun) a branch of information science, and of computer science, that focuses on the study of information processing,and particularly as respect to systems integration and human interactions with machine and data. ... Brian Karlak: If knowledge is power, informatics is politics.

What are some careers in Informatics?

Most students aspiring to make careers in health informatics enroll in a Bachelor of Science degree in health informatics. This degree program includes subjects such as basic biology, microbiology, pharmacology, anatomy and basic medical procedures. Students also learn medical terminologies which are extensively used in health informatics.

What can you do with degree in Informatics?

With a degree in health informatics, you can: Plan and implement health information systems throughout the healthcare industry. Become an IT professional. Work for pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Work in management roles in hospitals, pharmacies, non-profit medical and health associations, and consulting firms.

What are the different types of Informatics?

The term "informatics" is used to describe information processing and the creation of information systems. Informatics jobs can be divided into three broad categories: research, processes analysis and system design or architecture.

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