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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the movie Inquisición about?

Inquisición (1977) 1h 30min | Horror | 1977 (Spain) Period piece set during the Inquisition about a witch-finder general who falls in love with the village beauty, who has made a pact with the devil to seduce and condemn the man who is ...

What happened during the Inquisition?

A tribunal interrogates, tortures and murders "witches" and "heretics" during the Inquisition. 3. Witchhammer (1970) Error: please try again. In the 1600s, an overzealous clergy hauls innocent women in front of tribunals, forces them to confess to imaginary witchery, and engages in brutal torture and persecution of their subjects. 4.

How is the Inquisition portrayed in Goya’s Ghosts?

As a sad era in history, the Inquisition has been as a source of inspiration for a number of artists. Director Milo Forman (1932-2018) depicts it as a horrific authoritarian institution in his film Goya’s Ghosts. 1792, the year of the Spanish Inquisition (1478-1834) and the eighteenth-century Enlightenment collide in this film set in Madrid.

Why was Klaas Voeten caught by the Inquisition?

When Falko’s father, Klaas Voeten, a printer of forbidden literature, is caught by the Inquisition for printing a letter written by Maarten Luther; Falko is unwittingly propelled into helping his father and into searching for the letter.

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