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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Inquisition?

Go to Henricus (1 floor down here) and ask him for a mission. He will ask you if you want to join The Inquisition. Say yes and ask for a mission again. Your mission is to investigate the 5 guards in Thais regarding the Heretic behavior. Tim, Kulag, Grof, Miles and Walter are their names.

How do I get Master of the Nexus achievement?

Just after you take your item, you earn the Master of the Nexus achievement. Also, you will be able to buy the Blessing of the Inquisition (all five blessings at once, 10% more expensive) with Henricus . Henricus: Greetings, fellow believer Player!

What is it like to work at Nexus Mods?

Working at Nexus Mods means the projects you help bring to life will be used by millions of gam... Collections - a project we've been working on aiming to make modding easier for everyone is reaching a testing stage in which we want to invite 100+ users to help us test.

How do I get to the Shadow Nexus?

From here until you reach The Shadow Nexus, your mission is quite simply: kill your way to a boss room, kill the boss, exit via the teleporter within 2 minutes to unlock the next area. Repeat this until you reach the Shadow Nexus (after killing Hellgorak ).

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