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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with Insperity?

Automate and streamline crucial HR tasks such as payroll, employment administration, benefits management and more using a single, integrated HR solution. Our clients share what excites them about working with Insperity, from taking care of their people to simplifying HR and better benefits.

What is the Insperity Corporate Social Responsibility Report?

Released annually, the Insperity Corporate Social Responsibility Report highlights our activities in our local communities.

What is an employee handbook?

Your employee handbook is a manual of information that your employees need to function within your organization. A good handbook will: You don’t have to include the kitchen sink, but be sure to cover the pertinent points that are relevant and applicable to your business.

When should you build your HR manual and employee handbook?

There are benefits to beginning to build your HR manual and your employee handbook as soon as possible. Creating these documents when your company is just launching, or while it’s still small, allows you to be proactive about shaping your company culture. The handbook sets the tone for your organization by outlining your policies and expectations.

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