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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at Insperity?

Insperity is an excellent employer with good benefits for employees and management that provides stellar leadership.

What is the work-life balance like at Insperity?

Work-life balance at Insperity is 50/50. Certain times of the year work takes priority. Other items it’s perfect. My pay and benefits at Insperity were amazing. In terms of job security at Insperity, I felt everyone was treated as they are replaceable. Was this review helpful?

What is the company culture like at Insperity?

Insperity says that culture is everything, and let me tell you, they practice what they preach. The company culture is unlike anything I’ve ever seen; they truly treat their employees the right way. I don’t think I’ve ever been at a company where there are more people who have been working there for 10+ years.

What is Insperity PEO?

Insperity is a professional employer organization (PEO) that provides a service under which an employer can outsource employee management tasks, such as employee benefits, payroll and workers' compensation, recruiting etc.

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