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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace a Lawn Genie valve?

If you have a Lawn Genie irrigation system, it is best to replace the valve with another Lawn Genie valve so the connector diameter and the distance between connectors will match up with your current system. Simply switch out the old valve for a new one. Turn off the water and power to the sprinkler system before attempting to replace the valve.

How do you install a sprinkler valve?

Installing the Valve 1. Flush line thoroughly before installing valve. 2. Use PTFE tape on threaded PVC male adapter and tighten into valve body using a wrench. (Note: Do not use pipe dope). 3. Manually turn the sprinklers on and off by turning the handle. Automatic Conversion for 3/4" Manual Anti-Siphon Valve Convert your 3/4" Manual

What size pop up sprinkler heads does Lawn Genie use?

It also eliminates the need to trim around the heads, since you can let the grass grow and mow right over a properly installed Lawn Genie All Purpose 2" or 4" pop-up head. How many sprinkler heads can I run off one valve?

How far apart should Lawn Genie spray heads be?

Lawn Genie recommends overlapping the spray patterns 100% of the radius (50% of the diameter). You accomplish this overlap by spacing the heads at the distance they will spray (i.e.- if your heads spray 10 feet, space them 10 feet apart). This constitutes what is known as "Head-to-Head" coverage, which evenly distributes water across your yard.

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