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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we at Instructure?

We're Instructure, the makers of Canvas. Learn about our company, check out our open positions, and come join our crew of smart, fun, innovative people who are busy making education even more awesome. Our mission is to inspire everyone to learn together.

Why do you want to join Instructure?

On your timeline. When you join Instructure, you join an innovative community of passionate educators and learners that exists within the company and in schools around the world. When you show up to work, you feel good about what you do.

What does your career path mean to Instructure?

We know that a career path isn’t always a straight line. And that the detours involve just as much (or more) growing and learning as the more predictable parts. That kind of life experience isn’t just valuable to you—it means a lot to Instructure, too.

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