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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of loan is best for home improvements?

Lenders may finance home improvements through home equity lines of credit — called HELOCs — or home equity loans, as well. Mortgage brokers, which tend to have access to a large variety of loans, may offer home improvement loans backed by an agency of the federal government, such as the Federal Housing Administration.

How much is a home improvement loan?

A “home improvement loan” is usually an unsecured personal loan used to pay for home repairs and improvements. An unsecured loan does not require you to put up an asset, like your house, as collateral. Loans can range from $1,000 to $100,000 and typically have a fixed interest rate and a fixed monthly payment.

Can you add renovation costs to your mortgage?

There are two main ways that homeowners can add the costs of their renovations to their mortgages. One is by refinancing their mortgage and the other is by getting a home improvement mortgage or second mortgage. Refinancing a mortgage happens when you break your existing mortgage and get a new one.

Are home improvement loans easy to get?

Home improvement personal loans are easy to get through an online application and approval process. Unlike some of the other options mentioned, it’s possible to get your cash the next business day, too. Comparison of Funding Sources How to Use a Home Improvement Loan

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