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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interval International Exchange Fee?

Interval International Exchange Fees. In addition to your basic membership fee and an upgrade fee for Interval Gold or Platinum level membership, you also must pay an Exchange Fee for each week exchanged. The exchange fee is $189 per week exchanged, and that is paid at the time the exchange request is made.

What are Interval International points?

Interval international points program. It is the exact same inventory. If you own a large unit, especially a non lock off unit during prime time but in an area with a lot of TS like Orlando, Williamsburg, Branson, etc. you may do better in points.

What is Interval International's E-Plus?

Interval International has announced the worldwide launch of E-Plus, an exciting new vacation exchange feature. With E-Plus, weeks or points members may change destinations, resorts, unit sizes, or travel dates as many as three times - up to 24 hours before check-in - for an additional onetime fee.

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