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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of into?

Generally speaking, into places something physically inside something else. The thing that does the containing may be concrete or it may be abstract. Please put the cat into his carrier so we can go see the vet. She placed her letter into a pink envelope and sealed it with a kiss. Fred touched the amulet and was whisked off into another dimension.

When does into not involve a sense of within?

The only time when into does not involve a sense of within is when some kind of change or transformation has taken place. The caterpillar changed into a butterfly and left its cocoon behind. In developing countries, ceramic filters are often used to transform dirty water into clean, drinkable water.

Why do you need the word 'into' in a sentence?

If you read the sentence aloud, you will see that you need to go "into" the press box before you are "in" it. Thus you need the word "into" for these two uses to show that you are moving toward and entering "into" the field and the press box. "Into" also has other uses in the English language.

What is the difference between in and on and into and onto?

Usage Notes. "We generally use in and on to talk about the positions of things — where they are; and into and onto to talk about directions and destinations — where things are going. Compare: - A moment later the ball was in in the goal. The ball rolled slowly into the goal. . .

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