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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Daily Caller biased?

is BIASED. The Daily Caller is often touted as the conservative answer to Huffington Post. Indeed, the Daily Caller themselves say they are “the balance against the rest of the conventional press,” which if you can’t tell by most conservative rhetoric is left-leaning.

Is the Daily Caller real news?

The Daily Caller is a real news site - not a “fake news site”. The stories it covers are valid, and it offers links to other sites (such as The Washington Post, CBS, the Brown Daily Herald to name three links at random) to validify information in the articles.

Who owns the Daily Caller?

The Daily Caller was founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel. After raising $3 million in funding from businessman Foster Friess, the website was launched on January 11, 2010. The organization began with a reporting staff of 21 in its Washington office.

What is the Daily Caller website?

The Daily Caller. The Daily Caller is a conservative news and opinion website founded by Tucker Carlson in 2010. Similar to the left-wing Huffington Post, the website covers current events both political and offbeat, as well as human interest topics such as education, " guns and gear", and technology, with plenty of clickbait to go around.

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