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Frequently Asked Questions

Is squeeze a noun or adjective?

Squeeze is also a noun. I liked her way of reassuring you with a squeeze of the hand. If you squeeze a liquid or a soft substance out of an object, you get the liquid or substance out by pressing the object. Joe put the plug in the sink and squeezed some detergent over the dishes. ...freshly squeezed lemon juice.

What is the meaning of squeezing?

noun the act or fact of squeezing or the fact of being squeezed. a clasping of one's hand around another's hand, arm, etc., as a token of affection, friendship, sympathy, or the like. a hug or close embrace. a troubled financial condition, especially caused by a shortage or restriction, as of credit or funds.

What is the synonym of Squeeze?

Synonyms: pressurize, lean on [informal], bring pressure to bear on, milk More Synonyms of squeeze. 7. verb. If a government squeezes the economy, they put strict controls on people's ability to borrow money or on their own departments' freedom to spend money, in order to control the country's rate of inflation.

What is Squeeze Play?

squeeze play. Bridge. a play or circumstance whereby an opponent is forced to waste or discard a potentially winning card. an act of threatening, intimidating, harassing, or oppressing a person or persons to obtain a favor, money, or an advantageous attitude or action: gangsters putting the squeeze on small businesses.

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