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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nikon Z8 coming soon?

The highly-anticipated Nikon Z8 is rumored to be hitting the market soon, and Nikon Rumors has just released some juicy details on this game-changing camera. While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, it appears that the Z8 will share some similarities with its predecessors, the Z7 and Z9.

Is the Nikon Z8 better than the Sony a7r V?

The Nikon Z8 is expected to have a 61.2MP sensor, a much higher pixel count than the 45.7MP Z7 II and Z9, and the company’s highest resolution camera ever. It’s a less dramatic move when you step back and consider the Sony A7R V has a 61MP sensor, just like the A7R IV before it.

How many megapixels does a Nikon Z8 have?

This is possible because no oversampling is required. Max video resolution involves 38 megapixels of data per frame, and that is the full resolution of the sensor minus the top and bottom sections, which are left out when shooting in widescreen. The Nikon Z8, with a rumored 61.2-megapixel sensor, would be a different story altogether.

What is the difference between Nikon A1 and Z8?

Introducing the Z8, Nikon's spiritual successor to the D850. Inheriting all of the important technology milestones of the Z9, the Z8 provides state of the art video and photographic performance in a smaller form factor. The A1 is USD 2,000 more with equivalent performance at best.

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