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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between SAN,NAS and iSCSI?

Is iSCSI a SAN or NAS? The difference between iSCSI and NAS is that iSCSI is a data transport protocol where NAS is a common way of connecting storage into a shared user network. iSCSI is popular in the implementation of SAN systems because of their block level storage structure. Is Isilon SAN or NAS?

What is iSCSI and how iSCSI works?

iSCSI stands for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface. iSCSI is a transport layer protocol that works on top of the Transport Control Protocol (TCP). It enables block-level SCSI data transport between the iSCSI initiator and the storage target over TCP/IP networks. iSCSI supports encrypting the network packets, and decrypts upon arrival at ...

What is iSCSI, the benefits of iSCSI protocol?

iSCSI is a storage networking protocol that works to transport the input-output data over a TCP/IP network. It is similar to FC Protocol that is used to transfer large data with low overhead and less latency. It is more beneficiaries for the users who wish the advantages of SAN, who generalized that iSCSI is better than FC.

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