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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of iSCSI over NFS?

Cost Efficient – When compared to NFS, iSCSI provides a less expensive connectivity network for transferring the files at the block level. Leverage – Since it is an Internet based protocol, it leverages the interoperability benefits of TCP/IP and Ethernet. Reusability – The user can use the existing server to configure the iSCSI implementation.

What is iSCSI and how does it work?

On the opposite end, iSCSI is a block protocol which supports a single client for each volume on the server. While it does permit applications running on a single client machine to share remote data, it is not the best for sharing data across machines.

Is NFS better than ESXi?

While NFS does have its perks, the manner in which the NFS Client protocol is implemented in ESXi causes a greater level of overhead and higher performance impact. Regardless of Sync Operation settings on the NAS server, ESXi forces updates to NFS shares with o_sync - essentially reducing the overall performance that can be observed with NFS.

What is NFS and how does it work?

NFS is a distributed file system protocol that allows the data to be shared among different machines connected to the same network. It is very similar to accessing the remote machine’s data to access the local storage data. The parallel accessing among multiple clients is handled by NFS Service, which is based on the locking of resources.

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