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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iSCSI iscsid?

The iscsid implements the control path of iSCSI protocol, plus some management facilities. For example, the daemon could be configured to automatically re-start discovery at startup, based on the contents of persistent iSCSI database. Read configuration from config-file rather than the default /etc/iscsi/iscsid.conf file.

How to set up iscsid in SuSE Linux Enterprise Server?

When iscsid starts, it checks the SendTarget discovery records. The steps are as follows: automatic in Red Hat Enterprise Linux manual in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server To make the new settings take effect, restart the iscsi service. Now SCSI devices appear automatically after subsequent reboots.

How do I update the iscsid service on Oracle Linux 6 instances?

To update the iscsid service on Oracle Linux 6 instances, run the following command: After running this command, the version of the iscsid service should be or later. This update does not require a system reboot and will not make any changes to the instances beyond configuring iscsid to restart automatically.

What happens if the iscsid service fails to restart?

If the iscsid service fails to restart, the instance might become unresponsive. To confirm that the iscsid service is running, run the following command: Wait 60 seconds. Then, run the following command to verify that the iscsid service has restarted:

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