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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an issue tree?

Definition: Issue trees are visual diagrams that you can use to break down a larger problem or question into several smaller questions. You can use the issue tree as a structure for your consulting case interview. What about just using the simple outline structure you’ve been using to structure cases?

Are issue trees the only way to structure business problems?

Issue trees aren’t the only technique to structure business problems. Join our FREE 7-day course on case interviews to learn other techniques so you can structure any case, solve any problem and impress your interviewer! It’s nothing like the other content you see around – just fill your name and e-mail and I’ll send you the link to join.

How do I create a multilayered issue tree?

(1) Think of a problem (business or public sector) that someone might have to solve. It could be a WHY problem or a HOW problem. (2) Create a multilayered Issue Tree to solve the problem. Aim for at least 6 layers and try to create even more than that as you get more practice.

Are issue trees effective?

Issue trees are powerful tools to solve complex business problems, but they are much less effective if they don’t follow two key principles. MECE stands for mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.

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