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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to notice something?

to see or become conscious of something or someone: I noticed a crack in the ceiling. Mary waved at the man but he didn't seem to notice. [ + (that) ] He noticed (that) the woman was staring at him.

What is another word for Did you notice what she was wearing?

did you notice what she was wearing? Synonyms for noticed. beheld, caught, descried, discerned, distinguished, espied, eyed,

What does it mean when a play received good notices?

4 : a short critical account or review The play received good notices. b : to become aware of (something or someone) : to take notice of No one noticed her arrival. I think Mr. Carver is showing us at least part of the truth about a segment of American experience few of our writers trouble to notice. — Irving Howe

What does it mean when the difference in their clothes was noticeable?

“the difference in their clothes was noticeable” implies that their clothes have undergone a metamorphosis: were clean, but are now soiled; were ragged but are now mended; were plain, but have been decorated with rhinestones, etc. If you notice this notice you will notice this notice is not worth noticing. Is this a valid statement?

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