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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Itaba in Burundi?

The commune Itaba is one of 11 municipalities in the province of Gitega, Burundi. It is surrounded in the north by the town Gitega, to the south by Rutana Province, to the west by the municipalities Bukirasazi and Makebuko, to the east by Rutana and Ruyigi provinces.

What is Itaba famous for?

The Itaba municipality belongs to two natural regions: Kirimiro and Buyogoma. Its soil, its population, its diverse climate and hydrography give it a framework favorable for intensive and varied agriculture. Agriculture covers 90% of the population.

What happened at the Itaba massacre?

The Itaba massacre was, according to Amnesty International, the " massacre of between 173 and 267 unarmed civilians, many of them women, children and the elderly, who were deliberately and unlawfully killed in the Commune of Itaba, Gitega Province, Burundi on 9 September 2002".

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