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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes jäneke products so special?

Innovative materials that confirm the constant attention to quality and the market of Jäneke products. The new collection in carbon fiber eliminates the annoying static effect. A collection that combines elegance and practicability. Active hygene against microbes tested by Sanitized. Kit of 12 toothbrushes, gold – Cod.

How does the jäneke dryer work?

The dryer’s hot air is in this way distributed evenly over the head and the hair will be ready in just a few moments without drying out or damage. 200 years since its foundation, Jäneke group maintains its leading position in the haircare market thanks to the constant commitment to development.

Why choose Janicki?

Janicki specializes in manufacturing parts, prototypes and tools made of advanced composites and metals. Janicki is certified for fly-away composite parts. Janicki is fully capable of building your largest projects utilizing large-scale facilities, high-precision 5-Axis mills, autoclave and large annealing oven.

Is ajjenneke a swimmer?

Jenneke’s a track star, but judging by how often she’s in a bikini, you’d think she’s a swimmer. We can’t decide what’s sexier: the barely-there bikini or the barely-there spandex? Either way, this woman is rarely seen in an outfit that doesn’t show off her athletic body—and we’re more than okay with that.

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