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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update Java in Firefox?

Firefox disables old versions of Java by default. For Firefox, tap on the Alt-key on your keyboard and select Help > About Firefox from the menu that opens up. If an update is available it is picked up automatically and all you need to do is restart the browser to apply it. For Java, visit Oracle's Test Java website.

How to download Firefox 51 for Java?

Open the Firefox 51 download page. Go to in a browser. This is where you can download the last version of Firefox that supported Java.

How do I install the Java (TM) platform plugin in Firefox?

From the Firefox menu, select Tools then click the Add-ons option In the Add-ons Manager window, select Plugins Click Java (TM) Platform plugin (Windows) or Java Applet Plug-in (Mac OS X) to select it

How do I enable the Java applet plugin in Firefox?

For Windows click on Java (TM) Platform plugin and for Mac OS Select Java Applet Plug-in. You would find an Enable radio button if on the older version of Firefox. It should be checked, if not then do so. For the new versions select the Ask to Activate or Always Activate button.

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