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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes callback Hell in JavaScript?

The cause of callback hell is when people try to write JavaScript in a way where execution happens visually from top to bottom. Lots of people make this mistake! In other languages like C, Ruby or Python there is the expectation that whatever happens on line 1 will finish before the code on line 2 starts running and so on down the file.

What is call back Hell?

Call back hell means you are inside of a callback of inside another callback and it goes to nth call until your needs not fullfiled. Let's understand through an example of fake ajax call by using set timeout API, lets assume we have a recipe API, we need to download all recipe.

How do I create a callback for a function?

Name your functions and declare them and pass just the name of the function as the callback, instead of defining an anonymous function in the parameter of the main function. Modularity: Separate your code into modules, so you can export a section of code that does a particular job. Then you can import that module into your larger application [1].

Is it possible to see nested callbacks in JavaScript?

This is JavaScript for you. It’s mind-boggling to see nested callbacks, but I don’t think it’s a “hell”. The “hell” can be manageable if you know what to do with it. I assume you know what callbacks are if you’re reading this article.

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