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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use split in JavaScript?

JavaScript - How to Use split in JavaScript The split() method takes a string and returns an array of strings, splitting the original string based upon a provided separator character. This can be useful when only a certain portion of a string is required. For example, when getting a specific cookie or when iteration is required. Note: The split ...

How to get selected text with JavaScript?

With jQuery, you can use the text () or html () method to get the selected text from a dropdown. This can be done in several ways using the :selected property to get the chosen option of the select element, as shown below: 2. Using JavaScript That’s all about getting selected text from a drop-down list in JavaScript and jQuery.

How to split strings in JavaScript?

JavaScript – Split a String To split a string into an array of substrings in JavaScript, where the splitting of this string is done based on a separator, call split() method on this string, and pass the delimiter as first argument. Syntax The syntax to split a string str with a specific separator string is split() method returns an array of strings. We can also limit the number of splits ...

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