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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Jefferson Pilot Life Insurance?

That was of course until 2006 when Lincoln Financial Group acquired Jefferson Pilot Life Insurance which is how the structure and the company remain up to this day (2019). Again, don’t stress if you currently have life insurance coverage with Jefferson Pilot Life Insurance.

What happened to Jefferson Pilot?

Jefferson-Pilot Corporation underwent a merger with Lincoln National Corporation in April 2006, with the new company operating under the name Lincoln Financial Group. Rodengen, Jeffrey L. Jefferson Pilot Financial, 1903-2003: A Century of Excellence.

When was Pilot Life Insurance founded?

Pilot Life Insurance was founded in 1903. Jefferson Standard and Pilot Life Insurance remained independent of each other for nearly 60 years until 1968 when the two companies merged creating Jefferson Pilot Life Insurance Company.

Does Lincoln Financial Group offer Jefferson-Pilot term life insurance?

Note: Lincoln Financial Group and Jefferson Pilot Financial have Merge Term Life America Insurance is proud to offer Jefferson-Pilot Term Life Insurance. Solid resources backed by a combination of innovative products and service beyond expectations.

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